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77th House District of Virginia - Chesapeake Virginia 77th District
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Right to Work

No one should have to pay for the right or privilege to work. Virginia’s Right to Work laws ensure people have a choice to join a labor union, rather than being forced to join one and pay union dues to be hired. Our RTW laws must be defended.

Right to Work

I am not an enemy of labor unions.  I think labor unions have a legitimate role in the workplace.  They serve to keep company leadership and management accountable to their most significant resource, the human resource.  However, union leadership must also be held accountable.  Without a RTW law, workers have no way to hold union bosses accountable for the way the leaders represent the workers or the way the bosses spend the hard-earned dues paid into the treasury by the workers.  With a RTW law in place, a worker with a political position opposed to the official position of the union bosses can quit the union and cease paying union dues because the union bosses support political candidates with contributions.  When enough workers stop paying dues, the bosses have to listen. 

Additionally, labor unions often lump all employees together regarding pay scales and develop plans for pay raises based on longevity.  While there is nothing inherently wrong with such a plan, some workers who are industrious and creative and can offer more value to the employer cannot be compensated by the employer with rapid promotion or bonuses without the action of the union.  This union roadblock tends to stifle innovation and the improvement of processes that could ultimately benefit the company and consumers.

In an effort to grow labor unions and expand their influence and power in Virginia, new legislation has been passed recently that forces our cities and counties to use something called “project labor agreements,” or PLAs.  PLAs are special terms written into public works contracts that prohibit non-union labor from bidding on or being given contracts for public works projects.  This tactic is inherently unfair to Virginia non-union labor and deprives our cities and counties of additional competitive bids from which to make decisions in the best interest of the taxpaying citizens.  There should be no PLAs permitted or mandated by state law.  I will work to ensure Virginia’s city and county governments have no such restrictions on their ability to contract with the bidder who offers the best product for their citizens.

Finally, labor unions in the public sector have an inherent conflict of interest with the government and with the People.  I advocate for the legal disestablishment of all public sector unions in Virginia.  Public employees are hired by the government to serve the People.  Because government services are typically monopolies of a sort, existing public sector unions that go on strike do not affect the bottom line of a company but rather injure the tax-paying citizens of the Commonwealth.  Additionally, elected officials are supposed to establish the workspace guidelines and pay scales for public employees, not unelected, unaccountable public sector union bosses.  I will advocate for and support Right to Work laws for the Commonwealth.

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