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77th House District of Virginia - Chesapeake Virginia 77th District
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To see the fulfilment of our vision for Virginia, it is the mission of this campaign to accomplish the following:

  1. Place the restoration of traditional, biblical values back into the marketplace of ideas and public policy;
  2. Draw attention to, and promote an economic agenda, taking a cue from the Trump Administration, such as
    • Continuing regulatory reform,
    • Reducing taxes across the board,
    • Promoting Virginia business and industry by making it easier for entrepreneurs to start up and grow;
    • Ensuring parents and families have more choices regarding the education of their children, to include access to innovative means to pay for private or in-home learning;
    • Ensuring law enforcers at all levels have the resources they need to effectively suppress crime and remove criminals from the general population, to include training, equipment, benefits, and vehicles;
    • Continued streamlining of the Executive Branch to eliminate redundancy and executive overreach, returning functions to the localities where appropriate.
  3. Encourage potential candidates at all levels who are biblical thinkers to actively pursue election.
  4. Elect our candidate to office by defeating the long-term incumbent.
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