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77th House District of Virginia - Chesapeake Virginia 77th District
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About Geoffrey Burke

Geoffrey is passionate about preserving the Bill of Rights

About the Candidate

Geoffrey BurkeI'm Geoffrey Burke, and I'm running to become your next Delegate of the 77th House District of Virginia.

People have been asking me who I am, where I'm from, what qualifies me for their vote, and why would I do such a crazy thing to run for this particular Delegate seat.  I thought I would tell you in person!

The time is ripe for me to confront the long-term liberal Democrat incumbent.

President Trump's remarkable success in getting our national economy on track has drawn everyone's attention to the common sense policies of conservatives and Republicans.

Our crazy governor's effort to promote the murder of babies and his attempt to take away our gun rights is forcing traditional Democrat voters all across the Commonwealth to re-assess their loyalty to Democrat politicians.  Now is the time!!!

- Geoffrey Burke, Republican Candidate for Delegate




Life begins at conception and continues through natural death. Each person is unique and precious.

Life, in our current context is not just about the condition of a pre-born child, which civil government at all levels MUST protect, but also through the entire span of each American’s life. The civil government must also ensure the means for each American to protect themselves and their families, and to be protected, are guaranteed. The Founders believed the quality of one’s life was the responsibility of each American; our civil governments were not established to guarantee an equal condition or standard of life, only that the opportunity for each American to have the life they wanted was not unduly restricted by civil government.



Liberty is properly defined as "freedom from external restraint." Understood in the deeply biblical moral context of our Founders it was understood that to live in a society with others it was essential that each member of that society self-govern themselves by adhering to a commonly held and appreciated moral code, the Ten Commandments, or, as Jesus Christ articulated the Commandments, "love God, and love your neighbor as yourself."

When every person does that, there is little to no need for external, civil government. Therefore, as Americans are less and less willing to self-govern, there will be a need for more external government. The failure, in this instance, is not with civil government. Rather, the failure is with each American who chooses to do what is right in his own eyes without regard to the impact of his or her actions or words on others. The failure of the Church and of Education in general to train up children with a subordination to a common moral code is the principal cause of the failure of individual self-government.



High taxes and restrictions on the economy by government prevent Americans from living the lives they desire to live.

In the original draft of the Declaration of Independence Jefferson used the term "Property" instead of "Happiness." He agreed to the edit that was recommended by the committee because, to them, "happiness" and the freedom to exercise their property rights as each person saw fit, to include their intellectual property, their personal possessions, their real estate and capital, were equal; they were the same thing. Their intent was to ensure that civil government gave every American the opportunity to find their own happiness using their own talents, consciences and possessions.

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