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77th House District of Virginia - Chesapeake Virginia 77th District
Right to Work
Right to Work
Friends, a fellow patriot wrote this letter to her followers. I think she is right on the money!

As a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, I WILL FIGHT TO PRESERVE OUR PRECIOUS RIGHT TO WORK LAW.

Virginia is a Right to Work state. We need to protect that from labor union cronies like Ralph Northam and Fast Terry McAuliffe.

Far left Alexandria is leading the way in destroying Right to Work. Last year the General Assembly passed a law that allows local government to adopt collective bargaining ordinances for public sector employees.

And the radical socialists up there love it.

“This has definitely been a collective ordinance that we’ve been trying to put together,” City Councilman Canek Aguirre said. “I think it’s something really strong to start off with. And, of course, as we already have the language in there if we need to come back and make amendments or adjustments we will do so, and I am looking forward to having those conversations to be able to improve upon ordinance.”

Yikes. That last part is scary. This liberal nut is already planning on making the law more restrictive.

Public sector employees do not need labor unions. They already have decent paying jobs, decent benefits, and a ton of job security. Ever been to the DMV? They ain’t getting fired for poor performance.

As for political contributions, these unions donate heavily to leftwing candidates while demanding dues from everyone. No one should have to join a union, especially when they are sending money to Kamala Harris.

Janus was a big win for conservatives in 2018. In that case the Supreme Court said that no one has to pay dues to a public sector union.

This new ordinance in Alexandria threatens to take us down a path where Right to Work laws are repealed.

We are better off passing ordinances that champion the principles found in Janus.

The crazy communist in the General Assembly, Lee Carter, puts in a bill each session to repeal Right to Work. Garbage ordinances like Alexandria’s only give that commi[e] a reason to keep pushing.

Help me fight for your right to work by contributing to my campaign.  I am counting on support from individuals like you to fight for you in Richmond!

- Geoffrey Burke, Candidate Virginia's 77th House of Delegates District

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